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“The consistency in your motivation, has truly helped me to commit to change in my life and others. The way you give in droves, gives opportunity for gradual and complete treatment in mindset. Thank you TDWWD.”

Satoniya Harrison,

I have had the honor of watching Randy self develop for over 3 years now. His discipline and commitment to others has made him an authority in his craft and an inspiration to our company. It is rare to find someone with as much hustle and heart at such a young age. You'll definitely be motivated by his teachings to achieve greatness in your life and defining your own success. We highly recommend Randy & Team Do What We Do, LLC for coaching, mentorship, leadership training, and consulting 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.

Chase, Sloan
CEO, The Chasing Real Estate Group

“What we are all bearing witness to is the emergence of one of America’s newest and greatest motivational speakers.  He has allowed, through the use of all of his social media platforms, for us to follow “The Process” of his development.  Those of us in leadership like to say, “Success leaves clues.”  Randy has done more than this in his book and through the testimony of his life story.  He has left a blueprint on how to be successful.
This site, his book, and his life are straightforward to follow because he explains in simple, easy-to-follow steps the process of becoming a successful person in today’s unique times.  
I could not be more proud of the man that Randy has developed into, and I know that you will find the site, his book, life, and success riveting."

Paul Saunders,
CEO, MindCorp Solutions, Inc

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